Under the scope of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Project, a component namely “Roadmap for the Consideration of Establishment and Operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Turkey” was launched in November 2015. The first activity of this Component aiming at enhancing capacity building for ETS and performing analyses on the suitability and applicability of ETS as an emission mitigation tool in Turkey was the Workshop conducted between February 9 -12, 2016.

During the second Workshop conducted on March 15-18, 2016, ETS scenarios for Turkey were evaluated. This Workshop accommodated intensive working group activities, through which feedbacks of representatives from the public authorities and private sector were obtained.

On the first day of the Workshop, foreign and local ETS experts shared their knowledge on the scope, general operational structure and cap setting in ETS, along with various examples from country case studies in EU and other countries around the world.

On the second day of the Workshop, the participants were informed on the details of emission allocation, carbon leakage, auction, methods of allocation distribution, country case studies and relevant EU experiences. In addition, the workshop focused on Monitoring, Reporting, Verification, Accreditation (MRVA) and secondary market products, in the light of the information provided in the previous Workshop.

All key elements involved in the design and establishment of ETS were also reinforced with the activities of Working Groups where ETS scenarios were discussed for Turkey.

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