Under the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Project, modeling studies designed to foresee the impacts of carbon pricing policies were initiated in March 2017.

The activities under “Modeling of Financial, Economic and Sectoral Impacts of Carbon Pricing in Turkey” and “Development of Sectoral Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs) for Turkey” are expected to enlighten the assessment of suitability of carbon pricing policies in Turkey.

The activities under this scope, which started with the conduct of the “Steering Workshop” on March 8- 9, 2017 with the participation of representatives from the public and private sector, are expected to help participants to explore the possible effects of elements such as different design constructions, different prices and emission ceilings which can be implemented especially in the policies as emission trading system (ETS), carbon taxation, by modelling study. Besides, they will deepen the understanding of the possible economic and sectoral effects of carbon pricing policies.

During the workshop conducted under this scope, Vivid Economy-Wide (ViEW) model, Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System (TIMES), Vivid Economics Industrial Market Model (IMM) and MACC approach, which will be used in the modeling work and the working principles were introduced to the participants.

In addition, during the group sessions performed under the workshop, the participants’ views and recommendations and valuable information were obtained for future activities.

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