Under the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Project, a component, namely “Roadmap for the Consideration of Establishment and Operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Turkey” was launched in November 2015. Pursuing the objectives of reinforcing capacity building on ETS and conducting analyses on the suitability and applicability of ETS as an effective emissions mitigation tool for Turkey, this component hosted two Workshops in February and March 2016. The third and fourth Workshops were held in Ankara between September 20- 23 2016.

The participants of the workshop, whose opening remarks were delivered by Adnan TAN, Deputy General Director of Environmental Management of our Ministry, included representatives from public authorities and private sector.

In his opening remarks, Adnan Tan, Deputy General Director, emphasized the importance of the workshops conducted under the PRM Project, in terms of their contribution to the capacity building and their function as a channel to receive the feedbacks of representatives of public authorities and private sector. Furthermore, Mr. Tan announced that Turkey’s fight against climate change at national and international platform will gain momentum, with submission of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (iNDCs) by Turkey to the Secretariat of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and subsequent ratification of Paris Agreement by our country in April.

Mr. Tan continued to say that analysis and discussion of carbon pricing policies, such as emissions trading system, carbon tax, green and white energy certification, in an analytical and participatory manner, under the PMR Turkey, are very important as they would accelerate the informed decision making process in our country, in the light of these developments.

In the first day of the workshop, the participants were informed on the legal and institutional grounds and functions required for the establishment and operation of ETS. Country case studies and working group activities were used to reinforce the knowledge shared in the Workshop.

In the second day of the workshop, the criteria concerning the consideration of design options of pilot ETS implementation in Turkey were analyzed and sub-sessions of working groups were held. In addition, the Private Sector Guideline for ETS “Emission Trading in Turkey- Guidance For Plant Operators” was introduced to the participants and their feedbacks on the Guideline were obtained.

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