Within the scope of the Partnership for Market Readiness Project (PMR) Turkey, implementation of the activities under “Analytical Report 2: Evaluation of Market Based Emission Reduction Policy Options in Turkey”, which is the new component of PMR Turkey Project started in June 2016. Under this component, meetings were held on market-based mechanisms (MBIs), intending to provide the participants with insight on working principles, advantages, disadvantages and international examples of these mechanisms.

In this regard, the most recent workshops of the component were held on March 13-16, 2017 with the participation of the representatives ofthe public and private sectors. During the workshop, opinions of the participants were received on the “Implementation of the Market Based Mechanisms (MBIs) in the Case of Turkey” which constituted the last part of the report being prepared and capacity building was provided.

Following the presentations on carbon taxes, renewable energy certificates, energy efficiency certificates, result-based financing and the Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) system, related MBIs in energy, industry and transport groups were analyzed in detail during the workshop. Discussions on MBI design options and preparation for policy decisions and initiation were made in group sessions, and feedbacks of the participants were also taken.

Gathered information through the group sessions was shared with all participants. Thus, the workshop proved to be a fruitful and efficient platform to share detailed information on MBIs, as well as analyzing mechanisms and evaluating implementations in the related sectors.

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