Within the scope of the Partnership for Market Readiness Project (PMR) Turkey, “Modelling of Financial, Economic and Sectoral Impacts of Carbon Pricing in Turkey” component, which implemented as of March 2017 has been completed. In this context, results of modelling studies were evaluated with public and private sector representatives at the closing meeting held on March 15, 2018. However, modelling training towards our MoEU experts was realized on March 13-14. The functioning of “CGE-computable genetic equilibrium” and IMM-Industrial Market Modelling models were shared in education, the results were analysed by experts through exercising different carbon pricing policies on the model.

The outputs of modelling studies will be developed with valuable opinions acquired at the meetings and will take place in the “Synthesis Report” which is the final output of the PMR Project. We would like to thank all our public and private sector stakeholders who actively attended our meetings for a green future.

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