Market Readiness Proposal

Market Readiness Proposal (MRP) provides the work plan, detailed budget and needs assessment of the activities planned to be performed under the PMR Turkey. The activities stated in the Market Readiness Proposal have been implemented under the PMR implementation phase.

Implementation Status Report 2016

Implementation Status Report 2016 includes detailed information on the activities performed under PMR Turkey between May 2015 and April 2016. The report highlights the recent implementation status and progress of PMR activities, and the experiences acquired throughout the process.

Implementation Status Report 2015

Implementation Status Report 2015 offers detailed information on the activities performed under PMR Turkey between December 2013 and April 2015. The report illustrates the activities carried out as of the outset of implementation phase, as well as the activities planned for subsequent periods. /p>

Carbon Pricing Dictionary

Carbon pricing entails extensive terminology. For this reason, Carbon Pricing Dictionary was prepared with the contributions of Experts of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, representatives of several stakeholders, consultants and translators. Carbon Pricing Dictionary is updated in the light of the suggestions and recommendations.

T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation

General Directorate of Environmental Management,
Department of Climate Change
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