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Emissions Trading In Practive: A Handbook on Design and Implementation

This Handbook is intended to help decision makers, policy practitioners, and stakeholders achieve this goal. It explains the rationale for an ETS, and sets out a 10-step process for designing an ETS – each step involves a series of decisions or actions that will shape major features of the policy. In doing so, it draws both on conceptual analysis and on some of the most important practical lessons learned to date from implementing ETSs around the world.

kapakCarbon Pricing Watch 2015

The report offers a summary containing important information on carbon pricing. It highlights the current carbon pricing practices and the developments in the implementing countries. In addition, it explains why carbon pricing is very important in the fight against climate change.

Turn DownTurn Down the Heat

The geographical coverage of the Report is Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, North Africa, some parts of Europe and Central Asia. The report focuses on analysis of implications of the risks arising from climate change for development. While it covers various sectors, it concentrates on the predicted effects of the provided by food, energy systems, water resources and eco-system services.

State and TrendsState and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2015

The report offers an up-to-date overview of existing and emerging carbon pricing instruments around the world, including national and sub-national initiatives. In addition, it provides a general outlook on current corporate carbon pricing instruments. To better reflect the wide range of topics of the climate dialogue, the report also analyzes competitiveness and carbon leakage, and their implications for the development of carbon pricing instruments.

The LittleThe Little Data Book on Climate Change

This report covers all climate-relevant topics. It enlightens current and projected climate conditions, identification of impacts of climate, resilience, greenhouse gas emissions, climate financing, and current national and international efforts to take action accordingly.

carbon trendssState and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2014

This report prepared by the World Bank in 2014 analyzes the carbon pricing trends and historical development of practices through a global perspective. The report focuses on current developments and the lessons taken from growing body of experiences.

Roadmap for Implementing a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Chile: Core Design Options and Policy Decision-Making Considerations

The report provides a detail analysis on how an Emissions Trading System (ETS) could work in Chile and what the environmental, economic and social implications would be. This Report was set to inform Chiliean Government and key stakeholders on the process in detail and analyzing the applicability of ETS in Chile. Furthermore, optimal ETS design was analyzed with a view to identify the policy objectives and policy priorities.

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